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Some Prose and a Poem was developed 2 years ago. I wanted a safe, brave, and fun space to share my creative writing, my poetry, and my thoughts and emotions about the state of the world. I also understand and viscerally feel the collective trauma that many of us share – it is this trauma, along with challenges and shifts in my life, and the collective loss of friends, family, and opportunities, that pushed me to create this space. This space brings me joy and I put lots of work into it. So, if you like stories, poetry, and engaging prose about these changing times and the global shift, then SUBSCRIBE TODAY.

A special shout out to subscribers who pay for the SPAP newsletter: I don’t take it lightly and am truly grateful for your support! Money is energy, and if you love the content, get value out of it, and believe in paying people for their work, consider a paid subscription. If you choose not to, that’s okay too. Your support in any way is what matters. If you are called to do so, please share with your friends and family. And if you want cancel at any time, feel free. I will remain grateful for your consideration. I am just stoked that I get paid to write here!

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Pamela is the Founder of Yoga2Sleep & Retreat to Spirit. She is a certified yoga therapist, reiki master, & wellness coach with training in cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia & trauma-informed yoga. She loves to write poetry & essays.